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Offering local Honey & Garlic

and other Farm & Craft goods

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Recent News...


Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to the people & families of Ukraine.

If you wish to help with the humanitarian efforts for the peoples of Ukraine, please follow these safety guidelines:

- Ask how much of your donation will go to relief, what fees may be taken out?
- Does the charity have experience in disaster relief or are they established in Ukraine?
- You can check sites like the, GuideStar, or Charity Navigator to read ratings.
- Make sure you're visiting the correct website when donating; go to a reputable site to get the URL and then type it in manually.
- Avoid sites whose URLs don't start with "https" and show a "lock" icon next to the URL. Neither the "https" or the lock icon guarantees that a site is safe, but if they're not present, your communication is not secure.
- Don't pay with cash or with a debit card. A credit card provides more security.

Our thoughtful suggestion is to research donating to the Red Cross...

They have a fund specifically for Ukraine donations.

Give with your heart, but first & foremost, give with your head!


Covid restrictions are loosening up, but following safe practices is still a good idea,

and we respect the choice of others who continue to practice Social Distancing.

Craft Fairs...

We are participating in outdoor open-air markets as well as indoor Craft Fairs, in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines.


May, 2022...  Greeting Cards  available NOW!

Linda is constantly being praised for her photography skills,

repeatedly being told she should make her photographs available for sale...

well now she has, in the form of "blank" Greeting Cards. Scroll down to see her new offerings!

April, 2022...    HONEY...   Sold Out!   

Sadly yes, we are out of Raw Honey, except for a couple of Gift Boxes & the Jalapeno Lime Infusion.

Last Summer was tough on the Bees with so much rain during the foraging season.

With any luck, I hope to have more at the end of June or early July... Hopefully!!!


April, 2022... The Bees are back!

We just installed 5 packages of Bees, and the one remaining hive (we lost 8 of 9 this winter!) is still doing well.

Fortunately, most of our equipment has drawn comb and a bit of Honey for the Bees, so they should have a pretty good start.

Keeping our fingers crossed for good weather; last year was pretty poor for flying!


December, 2021... Not the best year for Bees!

You probably remember that the Spring & Summer months of 2021 were heavy with rain... the Bees sure do!  This turned out to be a bad thing for our Honey harvest because even though it helped plants stay healthy, Bees don't fly when it rains.  And because it rained through much of the Bees Honey gathering season, it resulted in a poor harvest year.  We pulled barely 2/3 of the Honey we gathered in 2020.  Worse yet is that we lost 90% of our Beehives this Summer/Fall, as compared to losing only 2 hives in the previous 4 years!

Fear not, it's not a COVID related shortage so we won't be price gouging and our Honey prices will remain unchanged.

Unfortunately, the Honey we have left won't get us to our next harvest expected in late June 2022.

Front Porch pick-up & HONOR BOX still available!

The Honor Box for payment is still on our Front Porch and you can send us an email to order anything we have in stock.

We will gladly leave it on the front porch with your name on it for safe pickup.

(Please give us an approximate pick-up date & time to ensure your order is ready when you arrive)

Ring the doorbell if you don't find what you want.

Don't forget to smile for the camera! 

Black Garlic...

Our Garlic is sold out! (We may source from Costco; we'll keep you posted)

Please remember that Black Garlic orders can take a few weeks to prepare & fill.

If you have time, please enjoy one of our Blogs:

-   Becoming a Beekeeper (what am I getting into)

-   Beeswax vs. Paraffin

-   Honey Cooking Tips

-   The Sweet, Sweet Folly of the Internet


Thank you everyone for your continued interest & support!

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