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Recent News...

Craft Fairs...

We participate in outdoor open-air markets as well as indoor Craft Fairs.

May, 2024

Eggs are back on the menu!

After taking a pause laying these past few months, our happy hens are popping out at least a dozen eggs a day!

March, 2024

Sold Out!

We hate having to post this about our Honey, although we did expect to run out in February, and that's what we did.

Assuming the weather this spring is nothing like last year (in a good way), we should have our first Honey of the season by mid-July.

November, 2023...

Our 15 new chicks are doing well and laying 8-10 eggs a day. But this morning there are 2 inches of snow on the ground so I suspect that they will be backing off a bit as the winter months carry on.

And after several requests, a new "Child" size apron has been added to our selection.

October, 2023...

Eggs, the new chicks are laying Eggs!

Although the Bees rallied mid to late summer, our Honey yield is lower than hoped for having 8 productive hives. It's been such a wet harvest season, but I am thankful for what was produced.

August, 2023... Artist showing at Tin Mountain Conservation Center (TMCC)!
TMCC has a Feature Artist of the Month program themed towards nature & conservation, whereby a different artist is selected to display their works of art.  We happened upon TMCC on a trip to the White Mountains, striking up a conversation with Outreach Coordinator Heather McKendry about what we do here at the 1841 Brick Farmhouse.  After viewing a few images of Linda's Spirit Doll Creations and hearing about the other things we do, Heather booked us for August!

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Thank you everyone for your continued interest & support!

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